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Discover our story, understand the mission and goals we set  to improve homes businesses and the environment.

Why Toucan Decorating?

Our name is inspired by the intelligent and vibrant colourful Toucan. With more than 40 species worldwide, these small birds with their oversized bills have motivated us to adopt a more eco-friendly approach in our work ethics. Toucans, often referred to as the painters of the forest, they play a vital role in the ecosystem and the rainforest environment. They spend their days feasting on fruits, seeds, small insects, and other appealing foods. As they indulge in the forest's bounty, they fly about, scattering their droppings over a wide area. This act allows nature to work its magic, enabling thousands of colourful flowers to bloom throughout the forest and on the high mountain floors. Such regeneration maintains the ecosystem's balance and ensures the preservation of all species within the forest habitat.

Toucans, recognized for their over sized colourful bills and there sociability skills, typically congregating in groups ranging from five to twenty-five and they hold a considerable amount of intelligence. They skilfully identifying new potential breeding and feeding grounds, this behaviour highlights the toucan's versatility and its capacity to prosper in diverse settings. Undoubtedly, this is beneficial to the environment. It's seen as both inspirational and ingenious. Wherever toucans go, they enhance their environment, paving the way for other species and plants to flourish in colour. Discover more about this inspiring bird and how to safeguard it from climate change. Support the natural world and Let Nature In. 

11 Fascinating Facts About Toucans (treehugger.com) 

The Mission 

As professional decorators and renovation experts along with the inspiration of the clever Toucan, we at Toucan Decorating have made it our mission to do what it takes to reduce our impact on the working and natural environment, while still upholding our professional standards and delivering high quality workmanship. We have taken it onboards to change the way we do things and further our knowledge of sustainability within homes and businesses . With much help from health and safety experts and the willingness to achieve our targets and goals, the toucan team have come up with new innovative strategies to further help and support a better more modern way of living. Our goal is to minimize waste, measure the levels of risk and assess the health benefits in all of our projects. Keep regular track of our carbon footprint and act on it when we see new innovations available. Voice our targets to enhance living standards through simple cost-effective solutions that yield environmentally positive results, by transforming spaces, we strive to create more accommodating and inviting environments. Our mission calls for a shift in awareness regarding lifestyle, environmental considerations, and mental well-being.

“It's our responsibility to do everything within our power to create a planet that provides a home not just for us, but for all life on Earth.” (David Attenborough)


Introduce sustainable affordable ideas and designs to projects that benefits the customer and there surrounding environment.


Maximize our effort to reduce harmful VOCs and other pollutants that can have a negative affect on the environment. Follow strict measures set out by health and safety in order to achieve our goals 


Deliver high-quality workmanship that truly reflects our mission to improve our business behavioural attitude on a professional and environmental standard. 

Allow information to be shared about awareness and promote a better modern way of living for all.

Customer & Client Focused

Everything we do at Toucan Decorating is based around our customers and clients.  Our aim and single objective is delivering the highest level of craftsmanship and workmanship and to build good relationships with our customers to create a regular occurrence of repeat business.  Word of mouth will always be our most powerful form of advertisements so we make sure everyone of our jobs is performed to the highest quality of standards and positive results are always achieved.

Spacious room with hardwood floors, a chandelier, and windows providing natural light, featuring a piano and a partially visible christmas tree. 1. A spacious bathroom featuring a large tub and mirror. 2. An elegant bathroom with a big tub and mirror. 3. A luxurious bathroom with a sizable tub and mirror.

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