Transforming Business Spaces 

Make an Impression that makes a Statement

Transformations that represent your business

In business, first impressions are crucial, as customers and clients often form expectations based on what they see. Therefore, it's essential for a business's setting or premises to accurately reflect the products or services offered. Toucan Decorating, armed with extensive research and years of experience, offers first class, customized design solutions to elevate any business's status. We cater to a diverse clientele, from high street shops and corporate offices to warehouses and even storage units for small businesses operating from workshops or yards. No matter the type of premises, we can transform it into a space that not only makes a bold statement about you but also serves as a true representation of your business. We believe accuracy shapes the nature of a business and leads to further performance. From shop fronts that require extensive attention and modification to internals that may be in need of a complete renovation, we can cater for that, with you the client at the forefront of managing your project. 

Toucan Decorating offers comprehensive assistance in commercial and industrial health and hygiene projects necessary for obtaining safety awards or certifications. Our expertise ensures that whether it's kitchens, catering, dining areas, welfare facilities like wet rooms, toilets, or areas requiring clinical hygiene, we can navigate you through the process and guarantee high-quality workmanship.

Workplace Ergonomics 

white modern office with a black desk and laptops sat on it. hanging from the ceiling there is a black lighting pendant with a large bulb. in the background there are windows and a small table with flowers on.

External Transformations

"First Impressions Count" 

Who is your audience in business?

First impressions are crucial when creating a positive image. As a business, your public appearance must be enough to invite customers in and support the brand/ brands you are representing giving you a unique opportunity to set the tone. Creating a positive impression with your premises can most certainly encourage brand loyalty and repeated business. Our efforts are to collaborate with you and your brands to craft and implement a tailored design that will not only enrich your curb appeal but also increase your business profits. Our expertise lies in conveying symbolic messages through design and décor, drawing customers to you and your business for potential sales and leads. It's how we operate and function as a business ourselves. By achieving this simple act, you get to voice your professionalism, brands and the services to your audience. 

earthy green shop front door with high polished gold door fixings


We work closely with you and your business, carefully noting your expectations and target audience. This information is then translated into a design that is presented to you, with your brand and business as the focal point.

Dark green storage units with a yellow frame to the roller shutter doors, on industrial environment.


Our services include the capability to renovate and customize your business, ensuring it stands out. From minor alterations to complete conversions, we can execute and support you in enhancing your business. 

Slate grey shop front with arched windows and big glass windows on a paved street


At Toucan Decorating, meticulous attention to detail and careful preparation are paramount. Restoration is a fundamental aspect of our commitment to delivering superior quality in exterior painting and decorating.

Our objective is to provide a significant level of protection for the exterior paintwork of homes and businesses. Ensuring precise product selection is crucial given the environment its surrounded by.

Professional Spraying

Airless & Air Assisted


At Toucan Decorating we also specialise in sprayed finishes, offering many more services.  We can accommodate for any requirements when it comes to professional standards in spraying.  We simply spray professional products on a level that is of a high quality standard, directly at your  business premises.  

The spray services we offer:

  • Shop Fronts/ Entrance ways

  • Grid Ceilings and Tiles

  • Doors & Garage Doors including roller shutters

  • uPVC/ Aluminium Window Spraying 

  • Fascia, Soffit & Guttering Spraying

  • Security Fence & Gate Spraying

  • Cladding/ Timber/ Masonry 

  • Intumescent Fire Retardants

  • Cellars and Hygiene Areas

Wallpapers & Murals

With 20 years of experience in the hanging and handling wall coverings and murals, Toucan Decorating offer a first-class service that guarantees exceptional results. Technically, we are well educated in the best glues, adhesives and methods for various papers and fabrics. Our meticulous preparation is crucial to ensure that high-value papers are installed correctly on the first attempt. For businesses and shop owners, we offer a service tailored to your requirements through our network of suppliers. Digital images and photographs can be transformed into full-wall murals, making your business truly distinctive.

Show Me 

Effects & Finishes

Latest trends in the UK business and retail market have seen a huge increase in wall effects and finishes. In a decorators terminology we call this faux finish effects. These effects have been around for many of years and to understand our expertise in this field of wall finishes, we can most certainly say that posh Italian plasters and textured wall finishes is something we have always maintained at Toucan. By incorporating these finishes can greatly enhance your business's prestige and aesthetic appeal. Our commitment is to recommend the finest approaches and concepts that will cultivate a professional image for both you and your business.

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Painting & Decorating

In our view, painting and decorating is the most critical elements of any project, providing colour, tone, and mood to any space where applied. The significance of painting and decorating lies in the protection it offer to surfaces, which is vital in high-traffic areas like homes, shops, offices, and catering establishments. At Toucan Decorating, our goal is to deliver smooth, luxurious finishes with minimal dust and disruption to the working environment. We provide a selection of services designed to produce exceptional finishes and protect surfaces in any environment. Utilizing tools from paintbrushes to rollers, airless to air-assisted spraying, and even filling knives and spatulas, we can achieve remarkable results that leave a lasting impression and transform any space in a business.

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Panelled Oak Wall Wall Mural

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